Angela Luem

National Certified Pilates Teacher

Owner ALFA Pilates


I am Angela Luem, owner and instructor at ALFA Pilates in Hiram, ME. As a lifelong mover, Pilates was a natural fit for me. I’ve been dancing since I was a child and after a professional dance career was drawn to the form. My training is with Jen Golden (Pilates Chicago), Barb Katz (Power Pilates), Madeline Black Movement Method (Series 1 and 2) and Cara Reeser (Movement Science Made Simple). I am a National Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA) and am certified to work with pre and postnatal clients. I have experience working with the following populations: Physical Rehabilitation, Scoliosis, Older clients, Athletes and Dancers, Beginners, Pre/postnatal. I help my clients understand the body they live in. I look at the whole body in front of me through the lense of biotensegrity using the Pilates repertoire and movement principles to achieve clients physical goals. Each session is different. It is my goal to empower you to move easier and effortlessly through your life. Let me help you understand yourself better. (alfapilates.com)

My classes focus on creating breath and body awareness, in addition to functional flexibility by fusing a wide variety of yoga styles into creative, intentional sequences. Modifications and options offered throughout class increase the accessibility of poses to include a larger range of student skill and comfort levels.

I have trained in Meditation Techniques, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar Based Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, Advanced Sequencing throughout my yoga journey.

In addition to my yoga training, I am also a certified Buti Yoga Instructor, Hotcore Instructor, Barre Above Instructor, Balletone Instructor, Fitness Instructor and Reiki Master.

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