Denise with crystal bowls at the sacred

Denise Perkins

Art for the Soul

(207) 200-3348

Denise leads creative art classes at The Sacred Self with the belief and understanding that art can be a powerful, spiritual experience. And, it can be fun too! 

Denise Perkins of Art for the Soul has been a lifelong crafter of all artist mediums. She has also spent many years studying a variety of forms of energy healing, meditation and sound therapy. These two loves have blended together to create art classes that are designed to embrace your inner child and feed your soul. Grounding and a brief meditation begin each class to let go of the expectations and explore creativity. Her artwork is sold at The Sacred Self. Each piece has been created with the intention to bring the highest vibration of energy to its owner and metaphysical messages are included with each piece. Denise also offers crystal bowl guided meditations to relax, set life changing intentions and enjoy a personal journey of the mind.