Jen has spent the last seven years dedicatedly studying ways to change her life. She has worked with past life regressions, Tarot/oracle cards, Reiki, kairomancy (working with signs and omens), deep self-care, and is a certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher (nature-based and earth-honoring energetic practices). Creative and energetic guidance is her passion. Teaching, creating tools, and supporting others in engaging with their energy is where she focuses her work.


Jen has recently released her first card deck, the Shifting Energy Guidance Deck. This beginner-friendly and easy-to-use guidance deck teaches people to unlock their potential to shift the energy in situations and relationships in their lives. Learn more, try it free, and purchase a deck on her website. Decks can also be purchased at The Sacred Self. 


Jen is creating new tools all the time, including Chakra Energy Art and the new digital download Engaging the Energy of Chakras: A Beginner's Guide and Workbook. You can also find Free Tools on her blog including Energy Meditation and Guidance videos and much more. 


If you are interested in personal services, Jen offers Energy Meditation and Guidance Personal Videos. Each video includes a guided journey meditation created just for you, based on your current energetic needs, that lets you engage with and experience what is happening with your energy from a new perspective. This can help you receive insights into the best ways to care for yourself to impact your level of health and quality of life. After the meditation, Jen provides additional guidance around ways you can explore the energy in a deeper way or suggestions of things that might support you.


Connect with Jen using one of the methods below to gain access to her tools, teachings, and services. 


You can reach her via phone at (207) 751-4503 or online at jlbonnett@gmail.comwww.jenbonnett.comEtsyVimeo, and Pinterest.