Lynnette Duguay-Cumberland
(603) 733-8656

I am blessed to have this opportunity to share my wisdom and passions, in the realm of herbalisim and alternative healing with you. With the understanding that we are all connected, that we all have the instinctual desire within us to grow and be wise and be whole and healthy, I give my part to you. I, being honored to help you, you are giving to me also and the beautiful spiral of growth shall continue. Here I give you my life's work thus far-I pass it on to you in the form of my inspired writings, workshops, recipes & photos from my own collection of wisdom and from my teachers, locally and abroad.


I also offer you online consultations as well as face to face consultations to my local customers. My approach is find the root of your symptom(s) as everyone is not the same, and then we can bring forth positive, nutritious change. I will cater your protocol (tea, tincture, diet or technique to your own unique constitution). My herbal medicine is wild-crafted, local and organic made with love and prayer. Custom blends are made upon request. There is a safe, holistic, healthy solution to every ailment.