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Ashley Sawyer

Certified Health Coach

Ashley Sawyer


I have lived in Parsonsfield, ME all of my life. I ventured down south for a couple of years but found myself back a few miles from where I grew up. After struggling with body image at the beginning of my college career I had to drop out of school for health reasons. I worked as a bank teller, dog groomer, waitress, and medicare biller all the while never losing my desire to teach. I slowly started healing and with that came an amazing relationship and then two amazing kiddos. While on maternity leave with my second child I started taking classes again and completed my bachelor’s degree and received my teaching certificate in 2021. I am currently teaching 5th grade and while it is completely exhausting, it is where I belong and feel whole.

I started seeing my own health coach when I had my second child and was working full time and taking a full college course load. The stress was unbearable and I was not taking care of myself. My health coach shifted my thoughts, helped me understand how powerful the mind and body are and got me back on track to a healthy self. I enrolled in The Institute of Integrated Nutrition and it is the best choice I have ever made. I received my health coaching certificate in May 2023. I am eager to share what I have learned from both the class and my own health journey with whomever is willing and ready to start nourishing and cherishing their body and all it has to offer.

Through my health coaching I hope for my clients to understand that their body’s individual needs can be and are so different from anyone else's. My objective is to encourage the process of change for an improved sense of health and well being.

In person appointments available in CORNISH.


60 minutes - $60

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