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Diana Mains, LMT

Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

Diana Mains, LMT

(207) 200-3348

Hi, my name is Diana Mains, and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and practice Reflexology, Polarity, Astrology, and offer Tarot/Oracle readings. In addition, I offer detox services using the BioMat and Ionic Footbaths, either separately or as add-ons to the other services I offer.

I first started receiving massage and energy work as a result of a white water rafting accident in 2013. I would soon discover that the Universe was continuing to provide opportunities for me to begin to truly heal through alternative therapies and alternative approaches, not only from the accident but also from trauma in my life. In my opinion, that accident was a catalyst to an “Awakening” which lasted a few years. After a particularly profound massage + polarity appointment, I entered massage therapy school at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook on 7/7/2014 at the age of 48, and eventually went back to teach for a couple of years and discovered that I love to teach!  Right from the beginning, I have been passionate about educating and sharing the healing power of massage therapy, energy work and conscious touch from one end of the state to the other, literally, whether in the classroom or in session with my clients.  I am passionate because it is MY story.  Massage therapy changed my entire life. Very real physical and emotional changes can take place when you have regular, skilled body and energy work and I am excited to have the privilege of sharing it with you.

I am currently booking appointments in Limerick and Norway, Maine.


1/2 hour massage/polarity/reflexlogy - $50
1 hour massage/polarity/reflexology - $100
1.5 hour massage - $130
Astrology - $130 (90 minute sessions)

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