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Iz Yankura

Reiki R.M.T and Practitioner

Iz Yankura


I was first attuned to Reiki in 2010, while in a dark period of my life. As the universe would have it, that was just the thing I needed to become self-empowered, shift into a healthier way of living, and feel more vibrant.

Through the next few years I intentionally incorporated rest, and relaxation into my everyday routine, which lead to an insight about how fully rejuvenated I felt. I wondered, what could this feeling do for others? And in 2012 I decided to take the step into a Reiki Master/Teacher.

The goal of my practice is to assist others in discovering the gift of rest and relaxation in a way that is empowering, as it continues to permeate all the different aspects of their life for a long time, after their session.

As a teacher, I honor both the American-centric Reiki that I was taught, and the spiritually and culturally rich Japanese heritage of this modality.

Sessions are available in NORWAY and ONLINE


15 min — $25
30 min — $45
45 min — $60
1 hour — $90

I also offer a sliding scale for those who need it:
30 min — $25 to $45
60 min — $45 to $90.

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