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Shanda Vincent

Reiki Master


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Shanda Vincent

For years I’ve felt that something was missing, some purpose that wasn’t revealed to me yet. When my husband and I moved to the area it was then that I started really seeing the signs that Reiki and energy work was where I needed to focus my attention. I received my Reiki I and Reiki II attunements over the course of the summer and I decided to pursue my Reiki Master certification at the end of the year.

I thoroughly enjoy working with each client to help heal them using this very effective method of energy work. If you’re curious, and even a little skeptical, reach out and I’ll let you experience what it’s like to receive healing Reiki energy. I offer in person sessions as well as distance sessions.

Reiki Energy Work - $50/30 minutes
Each Reiki sessions includes the use of the Universal Biomat, which uses a combination of far infrared rays, negative ions and the conductive properties of amethyst channels to detoxify, deepen your relaxation, as well as ease stress and pain.

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