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Blowing Bubbles

If you are having a rough time right now, and truthfully we are all in this together - with the fibers of our personal lives woven in --- I highly Recommend doing just one little thing that actually makes you happy.

*I *know that sometimes it's hard to see that anything can make you happy when you are say stressed, depressed, or in grief. I truly have a lifetime of experience with clinical depression. Trust me, I get it. Part of why the center exists at all is because I went through a rough, transformative, grueling and beautiful healing journey between 2013 and July 1 2019, when The Sacred Self opened. It opened because I wanted to share what I had learned and benefited from. In 2018, the spring before my mother passed, I was able to get off pharmaceutical antidepressants for good, though in truth there have been times I have considered the need for it again, these last years have been so hard on us all.

For me, I have *always loved to blow bubbles, whether by myself or with children, eyes lit up, blowing, chasing them. My current personal cover photo is a photo of me and my youngest grand, Waylon who will be 2 in July, blowing bubbles on Memorial Day. Watching his little face focus, pucker, blow - and eventually succeed was a real treat 😍. As a matter of fact one of the things that I did in my downtime between March and July of 2020 was I spent time in the backyard at the center in Cornish, in the sunshine, blowing bubbles and making myself a little raised garden.

I even carry purse size bubbles these days 🤭 you never know when you need a quick pick me up. So this is the way I started my day today, with coffee of course!

So if you want to *feel better, pick just *one little thing that brings you joy.

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