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Do you have gifts that you hide because others don't understand?

If the statement on this meme resonates with you at all, please check in to *all the alternative therapies and practitioners offering services, classes and workshops through our center. See if something or someone resonates with where you are right now in this moment, invest in your self care by scheduling yourself an appt, and you may just open up a *whole *new beautiful journey for yourself.

Surrounding yourself with kindred spirits who are supportive of *your *unique gifts is key, in my opinion. Your gifts are intended to be shared. Choosing this path may well help you heal from a lifetime, or lifetimes of trauma. Profound work happens at The Sacred Self (and other holistic therapy and services centers). One of the things I'm passionate about is education around alternative therapies, helping others understand it. If you have questions, *please email or text the center. I am also happy to speak to and answer questions to your group or team. or 207-200-3348.

I had been uncomfortable most of my life, until I connected with the holistic and alternative healing circles -- I was no longer the "weird" one. My heart opened ( so healing!) in a big way, when I finally found my tribe. 🙏

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