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Signs and Synchroniticities

It's Monday, the week before Christmas, and I am sitting at my computer in Norway, Maine getting incredibly frustrated with teaching myself Quickbooks Self Employed. I finally reach out to "chat" for guidance as now I have a technical issue as well. At this point, I'm starting to feel incredibly cold...a deep shiver, right to my bones. I cannot warm up. I'm not feeling so good all the sudden. I wrapped up in the big wool poncho I often use as a blanket, got my yoga mat to lift my feet up off the coolness of the concrete slab beneath the carpet and settled in for my support discussion. Event before not feeling physically well, I struggle with clinical depression as well as seasonal depression and we are going into the darkest of the the days. Signs and synchronicities have led me down a powerful path of healing, so I *always pay attention to them. The more present I am the faster they usually come - but sometimes they catch me off guard, when I'm not feeling very present. In those moments I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be in scheme of the Universe.

This is the conversation that opened up with.....that day back in December 2022. I just stumbled on this left over in a drafts folder. The message for me is just as important to see as it was back in December.

Transcript/Screenshot from my chat conversation with Quickbooks Support back in December 22.

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