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We are currently working on a more convenient way to book your service online, please call/text 207-200-3348 with questions. Thank you!

Akashic Records Readings with Emilie

The Akashic Records are your soul's multi-dimensional living library that houses past, present, and future experiences, thoughts, energy, ideas, and vibration. Through accessing the Akashic Records you will experience a high level of frequency, vibration, and healing beyond space and time.

When we go into your records through a guided meditation + prayer I channel information, guidance, healing and insight that you are looking for through messages + visualization from your masters, guides, angels, passed loved ones, and of course your higher self.

Readings are deeply powerful, highly vibrational, healing, and can be life changing. Each session is unique and offers clarity and guidance for questions and answers you may have
or if you are looking for a general reading, messages will still come pouring in.

Sessions with Emilie are 60 minutes and all sessions take place at our Norway location.

Akashic Records Readings with Emilie
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