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Couples Detox Ionic Footbath

Need something relaxing, good for you and interesting to do with your loved one? Make a date out of getting Detoxed! We can accommodate two people at a time for these sessions, by appointment only in both Norway and Cornish.

Assisting the body’s natural detoxification process results in:
· A stronger immune system
· A reduction in inflammation
· Relief from the symptoms of chronic illness
· Increased energy and focus
· Enhanced lymphatic drainage
· Improved circulation and heart health
· An overall feeling of relaxation and improved mood
· A reduction of swelling in the feet and ankles
· Improved digestion and nutrient absorption

We start by filling a tub with warm water. Salt is added to the warm water to improve
conductivity. Then we place an array into the tub to produce a gentle electrical current. When
the machine is turned on, the patient might notice a slight tingling sensation in the feet. That’s
because a miniscule electrical current is produced and our bodies are made of water and
electrolytes, and they allow the current to travel through the body. This current causes the tingling
sensation as it works like a catalyst to boost the body’s own natural detoxifying abilities.

By the end of a 30-minute session, the water changes color. The color change is caused by the
oxidation of the metal plates in the array and the ions reacting with salt in the water. The water
may also contain viscous like particles or fluids that were removed from the body during the

What Happens during an Ionic Footbath Detox Session?
When you receive an ionic footbath, you will sit in a comfortable chair with your feet immersed in a tub of warm water with a pinch of salt in it. The footbath will be started and as the process works the color of the water will change, becoming light orange and /or brown. By the end of the process there may be streaks and strains of different colored viscous looking material. Your feet will be rinsed, patted dry and a moisturizing lotion applied to the feet if desired.

FOOTBATH SESSION – 45 minutes, $35, couples $70

Detox Ionic Footbaths are available to add on to any service provided by Mark Van Loan or Diana Mains. This service is available at both our Cornish and Norway locations, by appointment only.

Couples Detox Ionic Footbath
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