Daring Leadership

3 Brene Brown workshops - based on her book Dare to Lead.

Julia Nason will be facilitating a series of three informationals, lasting two hours, based on the work of Brenè Brown’s Daring Leadership. These classes are designed to either be taken alone or all together based solely on what information you would like to acquire.

The first in the series is “leaning into your values”, during which Jules will give you the tools to help you decide what your two main values are, and how you uphold them in every aspect of your life - allowing you to set clear boundaries and be true to you!

The second in the series is “shame resilience” where we will identify common shame triggers and how our body reacts to them, as well as how to work through them.

The final class in this series is “emotional literacy” and will involve discussion about what a healthy emotional vocabulary should look like, and we will discuss clear and kind communication to support your emotions and hold important boundaries.

Daring Leadership