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Introductory Tarot with Kelly Purinton

Welcome to Introductory Tarot?

Got a burning question? Tarot’s got answers! (Tailored just for you.) This class takes a portion of the 78-card Tarot deck each week, and though instruction and practice sessions makes Tarot more user-friendly. You’ll learn card meanings, card numerology, ways to frame questions and how to read.

Please bring your own cards. (Kelly can recommend what to get if you don’t have a deck.)

This closed class runs for four weeks via Zoom on Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00PM, starting March 21. $60 for the course.

Kelly Purinton has been studying Tarot for 23 years and considers Tarot one of her closest friends. She’s published a handbook called The Journey, which is designed to help individuals work with the Tarot through a series of descriptions and questions. As life coach and former clinical therapist, Kelly’s goal is to support the discovery how much help is available through the Tarot.

Introductory Tarot with Kelly Purinton
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