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Shanda Vincent

Reiki Healer II


Hello, my name is Shanda Vincent and I am a Reiki Healer.   Reiki uses the universal energy to help maintain your health and well-being by aiding in pain management and stress reduction as well as promoting relaxation.  It's also beneficial with animals.


Many, many years ago I had my first Reiki session and it was a wonderful experience for me, however I was young and let life get in the way.  So I didn't pursue it beyond an occasional session for myself.  Fast forward to about 4 years ago when I saw some horses being treated with some distance Reiki where I volunteered.  I was so intrigued by this and it sparked my interest again! 


A little more than two years ago, my husband and I fell in love with the area while house hunting and we decided to move to Limerick.  I sought out Diana and after many sessions with her, and other practitioners at the center, I was spurred on to get my own Reiki certifications to help others in the surrounding community. 


I'm passionate about helping others and I see using Reiki as a natural pathway to making that happen.  I'm excited to be joining the team at The Sacred Self and all that it represents!  I hope to see you soon!



Reiki Energy Work - $50/60 minutes

Each Reiki sessions includes the use of the Universal Biomat, which uses a combination of far infrared rays, negative ions and the conductive properties of amethyst channels to detoxify, deepen your relaxation, as well as ease stress and pain.


What to expect?

After a brief meet and greet, we'll discuss what brought you in and answer any questions you may have. Then you'll lie down on the table, fully clothed, and I'll begin the Reiki session. We do use the Infrared therapy mat, which helps detox your body by using amethyst crystals and heat.

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