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 I had my first massage at Sacred Self today (with Jillene Jones) and it was fantastic! I have a lot of upper back and neck pain and felt so much better after her massage. Will definitely be back! ~Rita Eaton

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Shanda Vincent through our mutual involvement in Reiki and The Sacred Self. I recently had a Reiki session with Shanda and the energy I felt during my  session was incredibly serene and healing. It was a powerful yet gentle flow of energy that calmed me and lifted me at the same time. I drifted off to sleep and into a state of meditative peacefulness soon after the session began. I definitely felt a higher vibrational frequency after this work with Shanda.  Shanda has a kind, gentle and loving way about her which will immediately put you at ease. I highly recommend Shanda Vincent as a gifted Reiki practitioner and healer. ~Mark Van Loan

I had an access bars session with Mark Van Loan and it was amazing! I could feel the energy being moved in my body. I would highly recommend a session!

~Haley Zuluaga

I’ve been going to Sacred Self for almost a year now. I’ve had work done by Diana, Shannon, Kelly, and Amelia. I also tried yoga with Jillene once, but I’m not sure if yoga is right for me. I’ve also met Mark briefly in passing while I was in for a massage once. Everyone is incredibly welcoming, friendly, and accepting. All of the massages I’ve had have all been incredible, it’s really hard to pick a favorite healer! I always leave feeling way more relaxed than when I went in and I never feel stiff or sore the following day. If you’re looking to have something done and they happen to offer it, this is the place you should go!

~Shane Remillard

I am so lucky to live so close to the Sacred Self here in Cornish. Diana- the owner is an extremely talented massage therapist. She is so intuitive to what I need done that I always leave feeling physically and mentally relaxed. 

~Jaime Moody

Mark Van Loan is a gifted Reiki practitioner. I have had the honor of experiencing his energy for about 4 months now.  The moment he laid hands on me I felt the warmth of his hands and the energy entertaining my body. Each session that I have experienced with him has given me spiritual experiences and healing. After each session we discuss what has happened. He is aware where the energy has influenced. He has a connection with whom he works. I recommend him highly.

~Craig Howland

It’s hard to put into words what I feel when I walk into The Sacred Self. It’s calming, powerful, magical, healing. Because of my work schedule I can’t get to all the sessions and classes that I’d like to. I mainly see Diana for massage therapy-which I credit for keeping me healthy in both body and mind. She is amazingly intuitive and I benefit immensely. I really wish that I was able to attend every yoga class and all the amazing healing sessions there. The content of the sessions plus the healing environment can’t be beat in my opinion. As a bonus-there are some amazing locally crafted items for sale there too-really great when you need a thoughtful gift. Highly recommend The Sacred Self!

~Lynette Augeri

I had been searching for relief for two years for hip and leg pains from pregnancy, when I found Diana. My physicians were unable to find anything via xray or MRI. In the meantime, Diana took her time in my sessions to find her way to my relief. Her hands just knew where my body was struggling and the Sacred Self is just good for the soul. Its exactly the kind of relaxation I was looking for, as a busy mom.

~Abigail Storer

I have looked forward to my massage experiences with Diana for the last 2 summers in Maine and each time they have been wonderful. She is a skilled & intuitive healer and the space she creates is soothing and welcoming. I also recently started Access Bars sessions with Mark and am enjoying the increased clarity I feel after a session. There are more heaIing modalities here that I am looking forward to trying. Highly Recommend!

~Diana Corbo

I have had chronic back issues most of my life, however, I was 56 before I had my first massage. It was given to me by Diana Mains, the owner of The Sacred Self in Cornish, Maine. Diana was able to fix a nagging issue in my back, the exact kind of issue that usually plagued me for weeks throughout most of my life. I simply had no idea massage could be such an effective practice to help deal with back issues. Diana has an intuitive gift that guides her work and I have personally felt immense benefit from her massage sessions. I highly recommend her and if she is not available she has a team of gifted LMT's and healers working through The Sacred Self who offer a variety of holistic and alternative healing methods.

~Mark Van Loan

A most relaxing experience! Diana takes time to figure out where you need the most attention and always finds the source of the problem! She is truly a miracle worker, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If Google would let me give her a million stars I would!

~Deedee Tibbets

I can't say enough great things about Diana at The Sacred Self...she is truly amazing!! I consider massage a necessity for my physical well being...she listens to my concerns and tailors each session accordingly. Her "healing hands" have given me relief from Fibromyalgia pain. I have also enjoyed a session with Shondi...she is an an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. It was wonderful. She works exclusively on your head...totally painless. I am a shallow breather, and often my chest feels heavy. After my session, that heaviness was gone. Do yourself a favor...visit them both!! It's good for both your mental and physical health!!

~Bonnie Burroughs

Diana is a fantastic Massage Therapist! She is intuitive but also listens to and addresses your concerns and problem areas. I highly recommend The Sacred Self!

~Cristina Forsyth

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