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Tracy Liberty

Midwife of Spirit

(207) 807-0774

Tracy Liberty's healing practice focuses on allowing women to REBIRTH themselves by facilitating their transformation through intuitive guidance/channeling, soul tending, and ceremonial work. 


Tracy Liberty is a MIDWIFE of spirit. She is trained to serve others who are interested in learning more about themselves and the natural cycles of the world. She is able to help others find their way to their own heart and live from the alive presence of Spirit within. She is not affiliated with any organized religion. She may conduct ceremonies and blessings and act as a spiritual coach for others to help them REBIRTH themselves within the endless cycles of transformation in life. 


She attended Bradford College and received a Bachelor's Degree in Dance/Creative Arts when she graduated in 1998. As a dancer, she had great curiosity about the human body, physiology, and anatomy. Dance did not end up being a career for Tracy, but it did allow her to understand and appreciate what the body can do. This understanding and curiosity of the physical body led her to explore massage therapy and energy healing. 


Tracy graduated from Spa Tech in 2004 as a Holistic Licensed Massage Therapist and again in 2006 as an Advanced Polarity Practitioner. Tracy taught Polarity Therapy and Massage at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, Maine from 2006 - 2012.  

Tracy completed a year-long Shamanic Apprenticeship program in January of 2014 from the The Center for Earthlight Healing with Dory Cote and Terry Morgan. She continued her studies of Shamanic Healing by participating and completing a 2 year Initiations program with Dory Cote in 2014/15. She completed a course on Curse Unraveling with Dory Cote and Carrie Bancroft in February 2017 and another course on Compassionate Depossession with Carrie Bancroft (student of Betsy Bergstrom) in July 2017. She completed an online Ancestral Healing course taught by Daniel Foor in 2018, and is currently studying Celtic Shamanism taught by Jane Burns.


Tracy brings truth, clarity, humor, and love into her healing sessions, and continues to explore and educate herself in the field of holistic health/shamanism and healing year after year.​